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miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011


From Blogger to Millionaire
A sophomore student called Mark Zuckerberg of Harvard University has been dumped by his girlfriend Erica Albright. And in revenge decides to create a blog called Facesmash that allow users to rate the attractiveness of female students including his exgirlfriend. Mark got six month of academic probation because for Facesmash he had to hack the Harvard webpage to get the photos of the students so people could rate them.
In that time Mark tells his friend Eduardo Saverin the idea of TheFacebook, and his friend decides to be help him with $1000 to build the webpage. Ones TheFacebook starts to be more popular and people start to using it, the Winklevoss brothers and Narendra believe Zuckerberg has stolen their idea of the social network , but they decide not to panic yet. While Eduardo and Mark, started taking to other universities to use Facebook, at first this social network only worked for Harvad students but they expand it to other universities.
The co-founder of Napster Sean Parker had a meeting with Mark and Eduardo because he knew he could be in the Facebook company. Sean made really good changes to Facebook, but he practically make lose Eduardo ownership of the company. When Winklevoss brothers and Narendra saw that Facebook was a very big company, they claimed that Zuckerberg stole their idea putting him a demand, while Eduardo claimed his shares of Facebook were diluted when the company was incorporated.
What I liked about this movie is that I got impressed how a university student got a great idea about a social network and with it create a lot of money, now he is the youngest millionaire in the world. Also I like a lot the story of this big company and how it was built. And least I liked the part where Mark hacked the Harvard web page to get the photos of all students and make his blog Facesmash, I like it because I like computers and internet stuff so it was interesting for me. Facesmash was a blog where people of the university could rate attractiveness of female students.
What I didn't liked of the movie was when the owner of Napster( A webpage where people downloaded music for free)  joined the company, because he principally caused the injustice with the friend of Mark Eduardo Saverin to practically lose the 30% ownership of the company.   Another thing I didn't like it was that Mark never released that Sean (Owner of Napster)  wasn't a good person and was hurting his friend.
I think that the actors of this movie performed a really good movie because I was reading about the protagonist like Mark, Sean, Eduardo. And I read that Mark was like antisocial and shy, in the movie we can see clearly that he was very shy and antisocial. Something funny about the actors of the movie was that the producers of the movie hired actors that physically looked like the real ones.
I would definitely recommend this movies because in some way this movie motivated me that young people can be millionaire with web pages. Also I recommend it because is a cool story that can impact many people like me.

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